The program provides a platform to students to develop an ongoing mentoring relationship by meeting the mentors regularly and discussing matters that inspires professional and personal development of mentee. Management education is not just for career building and financial stability, it is equally important process dedicated to the progress of life. Under the mentoring program every student receives critical feedback from their mentors which ensures their holistic development. Our mentors are experienced academicians and professionals who apply their wisdom and experience to ensure mentees development on facets like intellectual, inter-personal, cognitive and creative potential. This happens through a dedicated time slot assigned for mentoring under which students get involved in different activities and are reviewed and encouraged to develop as per the professional development plan. In addition to the slots the mentees are encouraged to meet the mentors as and when required. 

Objectives of the Mentoring Program:

Benefits of Mentoring Program Mentees:

Mentoring Activity

Mentoring program is designed to foster mentoring relationship between Mentors, who are identified faculty members and Mentees, who are students of M.M.S. program to provide support for attaining identified competencies.

Objectives of mentoring program are:

Benefits of Mentoring Program

Mentoring Sessions

Subject: Personal Grooming & Personal Effectiveness
Sem: I
Topic Covered: Non Verbal Communication
Activity: Mime Act

Mime is a form of silent art  that involves acting  or communicating using only movements, gestures, and facial expressions. This is a fun activity which can be used to demonstrate the importance of non-verbal communication. Students have enacted in the Institute campus. Conducting the activity outside the class was energizing and helped  to boost students’ confidence

Subject: Personal Grooming & Personal Effectiveness
Sem: I
Topic Covered: Stress Management
Activity: Desk Yoga
Guest: Ms. Bhoomi Bhatkar – Sports Department – Khalsa College 

Whether studying or working in an office we spend most of the day sitting down. We spend hours typing away, looking at a monitor and repeating these motions over and over without taking a break.We can’t always do much to avoid this excess sitting, but we can destress ourselves with desk yoga. This helps to keep our joints and limbs nimble, and avoid excess tension and stiffness at work. When we’re stressed, we hold it in our bodies. Gentle movement unwinds this physical discomfort, encouraging relaxation. Students have learned Dirga Pranayama, techniques, Mindful Mudra and other asanas / postures to destress and relax.