DHARAVI Project – Sales Management Subject

Dharavi, Asia’s largest slum, although called a slum has lucrative and socially entrepreneurial business opportunities. Dharavi is divided into Sion Dharavi, Matunga Dharavi and Mahim Dharavi. 85% of people have a job in the slum and work LOCALLY, and some have even managed to become millionaires. As a part of their subject “Sales Management”, students are asked to visit the various business which are carried out in Dharavi. The various businesses carried out in Dharavi, to mention a few are namely 1) Pottery business (Khumbarwada) 2) Scrap business (Metal & Plastic) 3) Leather Industry (bags, jackets, purses, gloves, coats, shoes etc.) 4) Food Industry (Idlis, dosas, wadas etc. sold in entire Mumbai) 5) Garments (Ladies, Gents, Children etc.) 6) Corrugated Boxes 7) Electronic Resale (washing machine, refrigerators, micro ovens etc.) 8) Papad making industry 9) Gold 10) Recycling The students are asked to form groups of 5 or 6 as the case may be and visit the slum as per the chosen business sector. Once they select the sector, they go and visit the particular area, interact with the business owners and workers working in the factory. They collect data on various aspects of finance, marketing aspects, production and the selling of their products. It is in this interaction, they learn how business is done, they observe and get to learn various steps and selling skills, risk management, supply chains, organisational behaviour and many other things you learn in a B school. They are able to apply on field whatever is taught in the class. Each group visits Dharavi at least 5 to 6 times in the respective sector they have selected, collect data and present their learnings as a presentation. The students initially are very reluctant to visit since it is a slum area but post their visit, they are surprised and quite happy to have this kind of learning