Bombay Shops and Establishment Act 1948

Batch 2015-17

A live project was allocated to MMS – HR, 2nd year students on Bombay Shops and Establishment Act 1948 as a part of Labour Law subject.

Objectives of Live Project:

a) To understand the importance of the topic and practical implementation of Bombay Shops and Establishment Act 1948

b) To find gap between theory and practical 

c) To give suggestions to improvise.

The faculty first oriented the students about the topic. Then students are asked to divide themselves into groups and prepare questionnaire to be conducted in the field survey. The faculty approves the questionnaire. The students are given the choice to select, commercial establishments, shops, theatres etc falling under the establishment definition of the ACT. They may select areas as per their convenience, may do a comparative study of similar or dissimilar establishments. After the survey, they prepare a report, present in the class discussing facts, findings, suggestions, followed by Viva