World Environment Day - Tree Plantation Drive

June 05, 2024

On June 5, 2024, Gurunanak Institute of Management Studies (GNIMS) and GNIMS Business School celebrated World Environment Day with a tree plantation drive. The event aimed to promote environmental awareness and sustainability within the institute's community.

Faculty from different disciplines actively participated. Administrative and support staff members contributed to the plantation efforts.

During the drive, a variety of plants known for their environmental benefits were planted in the campus such as

Dr.Jasbir Kaur, Director GNIMS Business School gave a brief on importance of  World Environment Day.

Everyone displayed sense of responsibility towards the environment. Faculty and Staff expressed their happiness and pride in contributing to a greener campus. The hands-on experience of planting trees provided valuable insights into environmental stewardship.

It not only beautified the campus but also instilled a strong sense of environmental consciousness among the participants. The event underscored the collective effort required to address environmental challenges and highlighted the institute's commitment towards sustainability.

Everyone expressed their gratitude to the Director and Management for providing this valuable opportunity.