Gyanvardhini - Session 6

October 06, 2023

What a fantastic session we experienced on "Introduction to Behavioral Finance" held on 6th October 2023 by the incredible Prof. Kapil Bhopatkar.

He has shown the procedure of how the human brain works and processes the information that one receives. He spotlighted how psychological, cognitive, and emotional factors influence financial decision-making and market outcomes. It explores how human biases, heuristics, and emotions can lead to deviations from traditional economic theories, affecting investment choices, risk tolerance, and market trends. 

Understanding these behavioral aspects is crucial for investors and policymakers to make more informed financial decisions and design effective strategies that account for the human element in financial markets.

Once again thank you to all our esteemed GNIMS Faculty members who attended and actively participated in this insightful event. Their enthusiasm and engagement made it truly special!

In case you missed it, here is a quick recap of what we covered:

🔹 Understanding Behavioral Finance fundamentals

🔹 Exploring common biases affecting financial decisions

🔹 Practical applications for investors and professionals

Praise to Mr. Kapil Bhopatkar for his expertise and engaging presentation! 

Stay tuned for more enriching Gyanvardhini sessions and opportunities for growth in the world of finance. We are committed to empowering our GNIMS Faculty with knowledge and insights.