Guest Lecture on Supply Chain

October 01, 2023

On 1st October, 2023

As part of subject specific guest lecture series, Mr Akashpreet Singh, Regional Supply chain optimization manager at Dr Oetker joined us from Guelph (Canada).   He is a seasoned logistics and supply chain leader with 10 years + experience in retail, pharma and omnichannel /ecommerce distribution;     Mr Akashpreet Singh threw light on the supply chain challenges faced by Indian businesses vis a vis their counterparts in first world countries.

Mr kartikeyan Iyer , Associate Directorin Xpressbees logistics

He has 15 years experience in selling logistics and supply chain solutions to large enterprise customers.  He  explained the concept of Incoterms. These widely-used terms of sale, are a set of internationally accepted rules which segregate the responsibilities of sellers and buyers. His talk focussed on the importance of Resilient supply chain and how  organizations the world over are trying to reduce their operational costs due to an efficient supply chain . 

Both speakers highlighted the importance of Supply chain and logistics management for better product and brand management.