Research Conferences

In the past few years, the institute is emerging as a leader in the field of management education. Apart from an effective teaching methodology, the institute also organizes Seminars, Research Conferences and Management Festival to fulfill its vision.

The Research cell at Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies provides a platform for furthering research activities in all areas of Management studies with the clear objective to produce a regular stream of state-of-the-art multi-disciplinary research.

The Institute's faculty, staff and students have participated in numerous National and International conferences and have several papers published and presented.

The students have been motivated to undertake research work. They have won prizes at various conferences as well.

List of Conferences and seminars organized at Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies:

“Social Media Influences Companies to Adopt Sustainable Practices"

PGDM Semester IV student, Ms. Radha Mhatre along with Dr. Jyotinder Kaur Chaddah presented a research paper on “Social Media Influences Companies to Adopt Sustainable Practices” at 10th SIMSR Global Marketing Conference. The theme of the conference was Engagement Marketing. The objective of the study was to Identifying the role of social media in influencing sustainable practices and Exploring different social media platforms to communicate sustainability effectively .Dr. Jyotinder Kaur Chaddah and Radha Mhatre opined , “Social media has empowered individuals and groups to raise their voice and fight for the betterment. Companies can no longer just earn profit without taking care of the environment. If they do so, social media as a platform has the power to make them adopt sustainable practices. That’s the power of social media today.”

‘Innovation Based Sustainability Practices of Organizations’ on Friday 20th March, 2015

GNIMS kick-started its research initiatives of the year by organizing the International Research Conference 2015 on the below mentioned theme: ‘Innovation Based Sustainability Practices of Organizations’ on Friday 20th March, 2015. Sustainability is about the future. It isn’t the burden on bottom lines that many executives believe it to be. That’s why sustainability should be a touchstone for all innovation. The conference aimed to draw attention to the innovation based practices prevalent that make organizations achieve competitive advantage. That means rethinking business models as well as products, technologies, and processes. Academicians from various disciplines and Industry experts are welcome to present their research work highlighting these innovative practices.

All accepted papers were published in Research Journal of GNIMS with ISBN number.

"PARIVARTAN - Succeeding in a VUCA World" on 16th January 2015

A one day Knowledge Symposium named PARIVARTAN – “Succeeding in a VUCA World” was organized on 16th January 2015 featuring 10 CEOs & CXOs from various domains.

This was a step forward by the institute in bridging the gap between the Industry and Academia.

The Symposium saw a host of esteemed speakers for the Individual Speaker Sessions as well as a Panel Discussion by eminent industry leaders.

The Chief Guest for the Symposium was Mr. Rajiv Agarwal - MD & CEO, Essar Shipping, and Ports & Logistics, who gave an outstanding keynote address which emphasized that change, was the only constant phenomenon in the world and for businesses to grow and succeed in the turbulent times, one need to keep changing with the fast changing world scenario.

Valuable contribution & invigorating conversations ensued from the speaker sessions of:

Mr. Subir Ghosh - Ex-CEO Planet M & Aegis (Subject Matter Expert on VUCA),

Mr. Gunjan Ghai - Senior Vice President & Head, Brand & Marketing, SBI General and

Mr. Sunil Somarajan - CHRO, Reliance Capital Group,

all revered speakers were not only gifted raconteurs but also had the expertise of connecting very well with the GNIMS students.

This was followed by a wholesome panel discussion from a star studded panel:

Mr. Madhav Nair - Country Head, Mashreq Bank,

Mr. Alok Sheopurkar - Executive Vice President & Head HR, HDFC Asset Management Co. Ltd.,

Mr. Ravichandran. M - President, Tata AIG General Insurance Co. Ltd.,

Mr. Anand Kane - Director, Global Business Development, Oracle,

Dr. Bigyan P. Verma – Director, GNIMS,

Mr. Binoj Vasu – CEO & Founder, Kuotient,

whose insights into the VUCA World and little take aways for students in the form of building on their strengths and skill sets resonated very well in the audience.

National Conference on “Innovative Approaches to Knowledge Management" on Friday, 27th September, 2013

S.G.P.C.’s Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies (GNIMS) organized a National Conference on, “Innovative Approaches to Knowledge Management” on Friday, 27th September, 2013 from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The aim of the conference was to provide a forum to present and discuss research work focused on Knowledge management issues, as well as to throw light on recent advances in knowledge management systems for organizations..

The function was inaugurated by Dr Sameer Phanse, Marketing & Political consultant, Dr Y.V.Kamath and Dr N.Shani. In his Key note address Dr S.Phanse quoted the example of the Taj incident of 26 November and how the approaches used by the employees to combat the incident were beyond knowledge management.

The sub theme of the conference was Competency mapping, Transformational Leadership, Employee training for TQM, Performance Management, and Human Capital Management etc.

The three month long planning for this conference culminated into a number of presentations from both the industry and the academics from all over India. A panel discussion was also scheduled which enabled the participants to discuss the myths and realities with this emerging discipline. This was followed by the valedictory function where the top three best papers were announced.Prof Allan D’souza did the honors of giving the best paper award. All participants and delegates enjoyed the conference with a promise for a highly enriching and memorable intellectual experience whose success was unprecedented to say at least.

National Seminar on ENTREPRENEURSHIP Jan, 2013

S.G.P.C.’s Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies (GNIMS) held a National Seminar on “ENTREPRENEURSHIP - Emerging Challenges & Opportunities in the Small & Medium Sector in India“on 19th January, 201. The dignitaries invited for the event were as follows:

Key Note Speaker:

Dr. Abhay Pethe (Director, Chairman, Department of Economics, University of Mumbai)

Chief Guest:

Dr. R. T. Sane (Director GNIRD, G. N. Khalsa College)


Dr. C.M. Kutty (Ph.D. in Construction Management. Visiting Faculty at VJTI)

Dr. Pradeep Manjrekar (Head – Research & Consultancy, Dept of Business Mgmt, Padmashree Dr. D.Y. Patil University)

Dr. Y.V. Kamat (Professor Emeritus - GNIMS)

The seminar received an overwhelming response with over 70 authors contributing their research papers which were published in an ISBN compendium. There were two parallel tracks conducted for paper presentation of the academic and corporate researchers.

There was an exclusive student’s track presentations organized on the same day. The key persons invited for the student track were:

Mr. Mahesh Shetty (Chairman and Managing Director, MT Educare Pvt. Ltd.)

Ms. Nimita Harish Momaya (CEO, Shah H Liladhar Motorwala)

The student track also received an outstanding response and 18 student presentations were conducted which were judged by the respective key persons of the student track.

Following were the winners of various awards given at the seminar:

  • Best Paper Presentation Award 1st Prize Winner No.1: Dr. Amit Oak
  • Best Paper Presentation Award 1st Prize Winner No.2: Prof. Anju Dusseja & Prof. Poonam Paryani
  • Best Paper Presentation Award 2nd Prize Winner No.1: Mrs. Richa Bhatt And Dr. Suyash Bhatt
  • Best Paper Presentation Award 2nd Prize Winner No.2 Dr. Stephen D'silva & Dr. Bernadette D'silva
  • Best Paper Presentation Award Consolation Prize Winner No.1: Ms. Meghna S. Choudhury
  • Best Paper Presentation Award Consolation Prize Winner No.2: Mrs. Kanchan Mukund Sananse
  • Best Presentation Award Winner Student Track : Mr. Dhruval Gala And Mr. Rishabh Kapoor PGDM - II

Invited Guests:

Dr. S.A.N.Inamdar (Librarian Walchand College of Engg. Vishrambag, Sangli)

National Research Conference on "HR Policies are Market Driven" on 15th February, 2011

There is a growing recognition of the need to manage the increasing flow of information, ideas & knowledge more optimally as well as more efficiently. The National Research Conference - "HR Policies are market driven" held at GNIMS on 15th February 2011 successfully brought together more than 40 Academicians, Researchers and Industry Practitioners on a single platform to review research in the domain of Human Resource Policies at different levels and recommend strategies for improving the quality of Management policies, processes and practices in the area of Human Resources. The Compendium of papers - an ISBN publication projects intellectual work of over 80 eminent professionals from all over India who provide varied perspectives for deliberations.

3rd National Seminar & Research conference on Library: A temple of learning and knowledge house, 29th January, 2011

Few of the sub themes of the conference were:

  • Knowledge Procession in the Internet era
  • The college library in academics and research
  • Best Paper Presentation Award 2nd Prize Winner No.1: Mrs. Richa Bhatt And Dr. Suyash Bhatt
  • Web- base library resources and services
  • Challenges and trend of libraries

3rd National Research conference on - Innovation and Business success, 13th February, 2010

The Conference aimed at exploring contribution of innovations in business success. Innovation is the activity of people and organizations to change themselves and the environment. It means breaking routines and dominant ways of thinking, introducing new ideas and behaviors, launching new standards.

2nd National Seminar & Research conference on Library: A temple of learning and knowledge house, 16th January, 2010

The conference aimed to bring together Academicians, Researchers and Industry Practitioners on a single platform to review research in the domain of Library and Information Management at different levels and recommend strategies for improving the quality of Library and Information Management Services

1st National Seminar & Research conference on Library: A temple of learning and knowledge house, 14th March, 2009

The conference aimed to provide a platform for researchers, practitioners in recognition of the increasing flow of ideas, resources and knowledge. To review the quality of research in the Library & Information science at different level and recommend strategies for improving the quality of library science research. The Invited Guests: Chief Librarian TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Deonar) , Chairman of Bombay Science Librarians Association (BOSLA)

2nd National Research Conference on Innovation and Business success, 24th January, 2009

The areas of interest were: Innovation in Product & Services, Services Management, Business Processes, Financial Management, Marketing Strategy, Marketing & Branding, Social Responsiveness, HR Practices, Sunrise Sectors

1st National Human Resource Conference: Role of HR in changing business scenario, 17th January 2009

The world economy is changing and so are the organizational strategies to deal with it. The HR Summit aimed at promoting awareness about the crucial role that Human Resource Professionals of any organization would need to play in the turbulent times that we are facing.

National Conference on Rural Marketing : 9th January, 2010

Rural areas over decades have been dominated by the pressure of moneylenders due to which a high proportion of lending has remained under the domain of informal resources. This backdrop of the rural dynamics prompted GNIMS to organize a National Conference with a aim to provide a forum for addressing some of the critical issues concerned with the market in rural areas. Invited Chief Guests: Dr. Narendra Jadhav, Member Planning Commission Government of India, Brand Guru, Jagdeep Kapoor, Chairman and Managing Director, Samsika Marketing Consultants

1st National Retail Seminar and Research conference 10th January, 2009

The Retail business is one of the largest employers of India and at present is witnessing a huge revamping exercise. These days consumers are increasingly sophisticated and demanding and the staff has to respond by acquiring different skill sets. Keeping this change in mind, GNIMS had organized this seminar which aimed to provide a broad understanding of emerging retail frameworks and contemporary approaches to growing retail business and will highlight critical issues concerning retail practices.

1st National Research conference on Innovation and Business success 15th March, 2008

Innovation is not the same as invention. Invention is the generation of new ideas, methods or products, by extending the leading edge of frontiers of research. Innovation is the application of these inventions in new combinations.