Stress Management by Diya Mumbai huge hit at GNIMS…

Every year SGPC’s GNIMS Business School invites Diya Mumbai for a Stress Management workshop for past two years. This time, the invite was to have a session for the teaching and non-teaching staff at GNIMS Business School on 4th July’15 from 02:30 p.m to 05:30 p.m.

A typical Saturday for a Mumbaikar would be rushing for a movie,freaking out with friends but Diya Volunteers are different. They would travel extensively from the nook and corners of Mumbai and contribute their skills, time for societal transformation. The session was something all faculty members were looking forward since a long time.Diya Jateen was the key resource person who is a huge hit on GNIMS Campus. Diya Hitesh Joshi and Diya Vijay Patle were masters in Yog demonstration along with Diya Shradha Patle for this workshop.

A great start wherein participants sharing their expectations which included physical, mental fitness, concentration, recovering from illness and so on. The resource person made everyone comfortable and gradually introduced them the concept of Yog and importance in our lives. This awareness was an eye-opener for all and impressed participants in the first go.

GNIMS organized the 2nd MDP on Blue Ocean Strategy on 16th and 17th March on its campus.

Then came the warm ups, the simple explanation of breath and practice of pranayam helped the participants know the importance of prana. Then came rounds of Pragya Yog which was initially little difficult but gradually participants were comfortable with varied asanas.10 participants so the workshop was effective which was evident in the fantastic feedback that we received.

The best part of workshop was the relaxation that took stressed faculty members and staff where they didn’t realize the time factor as well. GNIMS Director Dr. Bigyan Verma thanked Diya Mumbai volunteers for such a wonderful session.


“Trainer is very effective and is polite.”

      Mr. Deepak Patil, Assistant Professor-GNIMS

“Never learnt Yoga, learnt some basics so value addition to me, Thanks”

      Ms. Ritu Tuli, Assistant Professor-GNIMS

“Good beginner Module, Diya Mumbai Keep it up- “

      Mr. Imran Siddiqui, Assistant Prof& Academic Coordinator –GNIMS

2nd MDP on Blue Ocean Strategy on 16th and 17th March

Blue Ocean Strategy is a book published in 2005 and written by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, Professors at INSEAD and Co-Directors of the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute. Based on a study of 150 strategic moves spanning more than a hundred years and thirty industries, Kim & Mauborgne argue that companies can succeed not by battling competitors, but rather by creating ″blue oceans″ of uncontested market space.

The in house facilitators Dr. Gautam Trehan and Dr. Jyotinder Kaur Chaddah are trained at IIM kozikode on the subject. They asserted that strategic moves based on blue ocean create a leap in value for the company, its buyers, and its employees, while unlocking new demand and making the competition irrelevant.

They stressed on the need to relate a strategy canvas to focus on the big picture and while formulating an organization’s blue ocean strategy.

GNIMS organized the 2nd MDP on Blue Ocean Strategy on 16th and 17th March on its campus.

Mr Deepak Chhibba Senior Advisor, Mahindra Institute of Quality from M&M Ltd and Mr Vikas bjaj of IBM were external resource persons. The program received a positive response from all participants)

FDP on business simulation - iBizSim

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand - Confucius

Simulation as a scientific tool which mirror business situations that forces students to think independently developing confidence and leadership qualities in them. iBizSim is a learning simulations which give students unlimited opportunities to practice their business skills until they achieve mastery.

Keeping in mind various benefits of experiential learning GNIMS Business School had organized Faculty Development Program conducted by Prof. Dr. Ashok N. Ullal (Professor Emeritus & Former Dean ESB Business School, Reutlingen University Germany) on using business simulation in teaching learning process.

“Today’s business environment is highly variable and uncertain. Young student needs to understand the complexity faced by organizations. Simulation plays a vital role here in enabling learning. They give students the opportunity to contact the environment by exposing them to various business processes and their interactions.” Dr. Bigyan Verma Director GNIMS Business School (Former Faculty of XLRI Jamshedpur & IIM Kozikode)

Simulations are a fun way to learn as it involves learning takes place on the affective and behavioral dimensions as well as on the cognitive dimension. The experience needs to be structured to some degree; relevant learning objectives need to be specified and the conduct of the experience needs to be monitored. With iBizSim student understands how different business functions play vital role in the performance of a company and how they influencing each other. GNIMS Business School uses a wide variety of pedagogies that involves experiential learning such as live case studies, simulations, projects, live assignments, internships, etc. However, among these simulation is the only method where student’s experiential learning can be structured.

FDP on “Developing Mentoring Skills”

An FDP on “Developing Mentoring Skills” was organized by GNIMS for all GNIMS faculty members on 05th July 2013 from 10; 30 a.m to 12; 30 p.m at GNIMS campus. The Resource Person for the session - Prof.Rita Rangnekar (Faculty Coordinator: IBS Mumbai & Soft Skills Trainer) started the session wherein all the 20 participants shared the influence of their respective mentors in their lives. Later on, Prof.Rita shared the finer nuances of the ‘Mentoring Process’ and threw light on the dos and don’ts of being a Mentor which was followed by a Question Answer Session. The FDP was appreciated by all the faculties and will surely help all faculties to be “Effective Mentors”.

"Innovative Programs to facilitate Learning" for GNIMS Faculty Members

The Director, Prof. Dr. Vidya Hattangadi put into effect two innovative programs to facilitate learning and development . The first one focused on learning from one another. As part of this initiative, faculty member makes a presentation on a relevant topic.

Dr. Amarpreet Singh Ghura made a presentation on conventional V/s Unconventional strategies.

As part of second inititiative, Business Quiz was organized for on various sectors and disciplines that include Nonprofit Organizations, Financial and banking Services, Iron and Steel Sector, Film Industry among others.

Workshop on "Rational emotive behavior therapy" for GNIMS Faculty Members

A two day workshop was conducted by Dr. Shubha Thatte on Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) on 3rd and 4th july 2012, previously called rational therapy and rational emotive therapy. It was a comprehensive, active-directive, philosophically and empirically based psychotherapy which focused on resolving emotional and behavioral problems and disturbances and enabling people to lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

The workshop got good feedback and was highly appreciated by the faculty participants.

Workshop on "How To Prepare For A Lecture" for GNIMS Faculty Members

On 27th June, 2012 another FDP was conducted by Prof. Dr. Vidya Hattangadi, Director of GNIMS on How to Prepare for a Lecture. She believes that the faculty of Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies is the principal driver of change through their direct involvement in every aspect of the Institute: academics, governance, research and consultancy. They combine the very highest standards of teaching and mentoring. Further the rich diversity of their backgrounds install in the students a continuous desire to achieve excellence.

To continue with this and further enhance the level of teaching in the institute she conducted an FDP where she discussed new tools and techniques of teaching. She also motivated faculty members to take up Ph. D and more research based projects. She shared with all her experiences at the AIMA exams / Interviews.

The workshop got good feedback and was highly appreciated by the faculty participants.

Workshop on "Mentoring" for GNIMS Faculty Members

A workshop was conducted by Prof. T. R. Mistry on Mentoring at the GNIMS campus on 27th June, 2012. He enthralled the audience with his quick wit and anecdotes. He said Mentoring has achieved "buzz - word" status and mentoring programs are being introduced in many organizations. He dwelled on What is Mentoring and what outcomes can reasonably be expected? Is its popularity matched by results?

According to Prof. Mistry, The key to a successful mentoring program is planning and design. In this workshop the critical elements of program design were reviewed. Strategies for matching mentoring partners and facilitating the establishment of effective relationships were discussed.

The workshop got good feedback by the faculty participants.

Workshop on "Research Methodology" for GNIMS Faculty Members

A two-day workshop was conducted on 26th June 2012 and 29th June, 2012 in the campus of the Institute where Prof. Sameer Phanse took a session on Research and field projects which hold paramount importance in today’s management world where knowledge of statistical tools and hypothesis testing forms the base.

He elaborated and explained different analytical tools. He also equipped the participants with information on What is Research Methodology? , Its relevance, Hypothetico-Deductive Process and Logical Method among other interesting topics.

The workshop got good feedback and was highly appreciated by the faculty participants.

Workshop on "How To Write A Case Study" for GNIMS Faculty Members

Second Faculty Development Programme was organized on Campus of Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies on 22nd June 2012. Prof. Dr. Vidya Hattangadi, Director of GNIMS conducted a session on a Case Study Writing. She explained the finer nuances of how to write a Case Study. She also acquainted the participants with the multi pronged strategy to deal with case study writing.

It was also agreed that every faculty member of the Institute would write a case study.

The workshop got good feedback and was highly appreciated by the faculty participants.

Workshop on "Soft Skills and Body Language" for GNIMS Faculty Members

The first FDP of the academic year 2012-2013 was conducted on Soft Skills and Body Language at the prestigious Don Bosco School from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm, on 21st June 2012.

Mr. Sabyasachi Burman, well known trainer shared his experiences on the importance of body language, soft skills and effective communication skills. In his view Communication and Soft skills are critical skills required in personal and professional life to excel. He also motivated the participants to develop excellent inter-personal skills and positive attitude.

The workshop got good feedback by the faculty participants.

Workshop on Research Methodology for GNIMS Faculty Members

A two-day workshop on the topic of Research Methodology on 14th and 15th April 2012 was organized for the faculty members of GNIMS. A very senior and an eminent R.M. faculty Dr. S.N. Kulkarni facilitated the workshop.

The workshop covered topics such as qualitative and quantitative approaches to research, goals and significance of research, the speaker also threw light on the difference between Research Method and Methodology, the Research Process, Hypothesis framing, a good literature review were also discussed.

The workshop got good feedback and was highly appreciated by the faculty participants.