Activities - Corporate Social Responsibility

"Today's graduates will become tomorrow's business and economic leaders. Thus, it is crucial to equip them with the knowledge and sense of responsibility in order to create a healthy, ethical and sustainable economy that will lead to a better environment and a better world."

Prof. De Bettignies

In keeping with this increased emphasis placed on CSR and community development initiatives by public and private sector enterprise, we at GNIMS are exploring the possibility of building, promoting and strengthening, through various strategic partnerships and alliances for undertaking academic oriented CSR initiatives for the mutual benefit of all the stakeholders. For us at GNIMS, CSR is not just about academics alone, we have elevated community development to the status of an interactive and relevant extra-curricular activity intertwined with the curriculum.

​​Diwali with a Difference

First year MMS students of GNIMS took the initiative to celebrate Diwali with the last man on the street in association with DIYA Mumbai. This team started the noble endeavor with prayers and went on with their mission. Be it the railway officials at the ticket counter,sweepers,newspaper vendor, shoe-shine men who toil hard,workers at platform canteens, the bhelwalah, the young coolie who lifts our luggage, the railway motormen who ensure we reach our destinations safe,the workers at platform toilets,the lady selling earrings. The celebrations continued wishing the security team at Welingkar Institute of Management Studies, R.A.Poddar College, Ruia College, Guru Nanak Khalsa College, GNIMS campus and it concluded at our own GNIMS library wishing the library team. Students were excited, touched enjoyed and took a vow that each year they would continue celebrating Diwali in this manner.
Sharings :
01.Thank you for this sweet gesture –Ms.Nair,Matunga Railway Campus.
02.I appreciate your presence during festival time to wish our team.God bless you all – Mr.Jadhav,Incharge Matunga Police Station.

Student Testimonials

“Thank you so much for taking us to this place. The visit was an eye opener for all of us. I will surely contribute for the needy whenever I can.”

​​Visit to Shree Gadge Maharaj Dharamshala, home for the Cancer patients

GNIMS Second year HR students were taken on a field visit to Shree Gadge Maharaj Dharamshala on 24 th Dec’16 in association with Indian Development Foundation and DIYA Mumbai. This visit was planned to sensitize the students and making them aware of the social responsibility. Students distributed santa claus caps for 45 children from the age of 2 to 12 years. This bought joy for the 350 cancer patients and a sense of satisfaction for students.

Student Testimonials

“Thank you so much for taking us to this place. The visit was an eye opener for all of us. I will surely contribute for the needy whenever I can.”

​​GNIMS Students celebrate Diwali at Matoshree

First year MMS students unanimously decided that this year they would start Diwali celebrations by visiting an old age home ‘Matoshree’ on 29th October’16 in association with DIYA Mumbai. Students carried sweets, groceries for the grandparents at Matoshree. Students started the Diwali celebrations with prayers for their physical and mental well-being. One could see some in the kitchen preparing rotis, others serving food, some washing utensils and others in the residential wards of grandparents. All grandparents blessed GNIMS students and appreciated this initiative of GNIMS Business School.

GNIMS Students Clean-up Drive at Kurla Station

16th Oct’16: GNIMS Business School in association with DIYA Mumbai organized a clean-up drive as part of Swachh Bharat campaign on Sunday. Volunteers from DIYA Mumbai addressed the students.Teams were made and respective areas for cleaning were allotted i.e.all platforms, 4 Foot over bridges,stairacases,ticket windows,water booths and toilets.

The clean-up drive kickstarted at 10:00 a.m with Mr.Sachin Vishe, from Kurla Station cleaning platform no.three. 58 First Year MMS students, putting on hand gloves and masks took up brooms and got on to cleaning with great fervor and joy.The enthusiastic group from DIYA Mumbai did guide the students with clean up task. NCC cadets of G.N.Khalsa College of Arts,Science & Commerce joined in this noble endeavor and actively participated in the entire clean –up drive.

With inexhaustible energy and vigor, about 75 volunteers comprising GNIMS students and volunteers from DIYA Mumbai, took it upon themselves to clean Kurla. Students performed a skit on platform no.02 depicting cleanliness awareness among people, By 01:00 p.m students collected the filth, garbage in garbage bags and collected it at platform no.03 With this clean-up drive, GNIMS Business School hopes to encourage people to take up cleanliness as their personal responsibility and commit to the cause. There were commuters who appreciated the student work and motivated them to keep up the good work and even had few random clicks. A special mention of Mr.Vipul and photography team which included second year MMS HR students Ms.Sonal,Ms.Kasturi & Mr.Saurabh Jathar who captured the moments all around Kurla platforms through their lens.

Student Testimonials

“We feel that we also dirty the surroundings, from now onwards, I will not litter.”
- Mr. Ramesh Gupta (MMS,First Year)

“We hope this movement continues and we can keep our country clean.”
-Ms. Veenu Yadav (MMS, First Year)

“It gets cleaned up, but see how the garbage keeps returning. You can’t keep blaming the authorities, If someone doesn’t clean up, will you simply leave it? It is every citizen’s duty.”
-Mr.Nishit Shah (MMS, First Year)

Ek Kadam Zindagi ki Aur…

29th March’15, a day which left deep impressions on the psyche of Second Year MMS Sem IV students of SGPC’S GNIMS Business School,Mumbai was a social initiative fighting Addiction from India.

A De-Addiction Rally was organized by second year MMS students in association with DIYA Mumbai.

Students raised slogans fighting addiction and made a great start from Shivaji Park at 07:00 a.m and concluded in the Seminar Hall at GNIMS Business School. Hawkers, Joggers at Shivaji Park and Matunga appreciated the efforts of students to bring this burning issue amongst Mumbaikars and applauded them.

A session was arranged prior to the rally on 21st March for GNIMS students to sensitize them for Deaddiction conducted by Dr.Varun Manek from Diya Mumbai.

Yohann Misquitta, (Second Year MMS student) performed a skit along with his Team.

This actually got everyone into tears where two true stories were enacted. One showcased how Late legendary Indian Ghazal singer Jagjit Singh’s lost his only son Vivek in a car accident. The second story about Yohann, a student at GNIMS Business School who is alive by God’s grace shared how he too faced a near death experience when he was hit by a drunk truck driver.

Mr.Hanuman Mandlik from Mumbai Police helped a lot with approvals and Diya Mumbai supported GNIMS Business School during the De-Addiction Rally. Mrs.Esha Sarbadhikari and Mr.Yadav from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre also supported this noble enendeavor.

Students from GNIMS Teffi, Aakash, Darshan Hazare, Neil, Kali, Bhupesh, Naresh, Rashi were the pillars for this initiatives to be a successful event. ‘Thank you Mam for giving us this great opportunity to be a part of this Initiative.Please call me for other social initiatives of Diya Mumabi.I will be there to support. - Ms.Jasmine Kaur,Second Year MM Student –GNIMS Business School.

To conclude, a pledge was taken by 100 plus student to fight against addiction and first to start with self.


Part-time students (MMM/MFM/MHRDM – Semester VI) of Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies (GNIMS) organized the CSR activity “Shiksha Seva Sanvad”, on 4th January 2015. 102 students participated in this activity. The entire event was managed by students and they were instrumental in identifying the venue for the activity and organizing logistics. They also generated adequate support from the sponsors – in cash and kind. Some of the students contributed on their own to the entire activity.

The main purpose of this activity was to visit the rural areas, understand their needs and contribute some efforts in improving their lives. Dr. Jyotinder Kaur (Part-time course coordinator) and Prof. Shripad Bapat (visiting Faculty) were the main organizers for this activity.

The following activities were conducted for the villagers – Sports for the school children, Tree Plantation, Clean India, visit to the old age home, Medical check-up (Diabetics Awareness Program), etc. Educational Material and sports shoes was distributed to the school children, conducted street play for social awareness, donated a computer to the school as well as planted lots of plants. Lectures were given to the school children on the importance of education. Our students were welcomed in the traditional way by the young girls and boys. The whole village along with the school children participated enthusiastically in the different programs conducted by GNIMS Students.

This CSR Activity was covered by the following newspapers – Raigad-Ratnagiri Times (3rd January 2015), Pundari (3rd January 2015), Maharashtra Janmudra (4th January 2015), Dainik Sagar Raigad (3rd January 2015) and Lokmat - Hello Thane (12th January 2015).

Workshop on “How to attempt university exam” held on 4th of September 2013

A workshop on “How to attempt university exam” for BMS students of semester V for the colleges within the area of Mumbai was conducted on 4/9/2013 by GuruNanak Institute of Management Studies at their conference hall. Over 250 students participated for the same and the same was an initiative taken by GNIMS as a part of its CSR activity. The workshop aimed to give an exposure to the BMS students on writing university exams and will had also covered points of Time management, Techniques to be stress free during examination and so on.

"GNIMS Dream Run 2013" held on 17th February 2013.

It was truly a memorable celebration for Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies as the Institute put its best foot forward with "GNIMS Dream Run 2013" held on 17th February 2013 supporting the cause of women protection.

GNIMS Institute was the stage last Sunday with more than 600 runners from all walks of life along with faculty members, staff members and representatives of NGO "Sakhya" who made it to the venue and ran on the streets of Matunga to fulfill different commitments. Action kicked off from GNIMS Institute at 7.30 am when the event ambassador Mir Ranjan Negi and GNIMS Director General, Dr Ajit Singh flagged off the race and the energy levels and spirits remained on a high till the last participant trooped in sometime.

For some runners, it was an aggressive competition, it was a race, and they were there to win and for others, it was just about participation and enjoying the run for as long as they could. Every runner was lost in his or her own space, but there was still some invisible connection between every person on the road.

The "GNIMS Dream Run 2013" was a small initiative to mark an advance for India's beleaguered women.

GNIMS Participating in Cancer Awareness Rally

Every year Dept. of Palliative Medicine of Tata Memorial Centre celebrates the second Saturday of October as World Hospice and Palliative Care Day. Campaigning for this cause is organized in a form of a walk from Shivaji Park to Tata Memorial Hospital. Like last year, this year too students from GNIMS took an active participation in this event along with the faculty members. The walk started from Shivaji park cruised via Tilak bridge, Dadar TT, Parel and converged at Tata Memorial Hospital. The energy and the spirit of the volunteers participated in the rally for the cause of cancer awareness was indeed commendable.

Workshop organized for Sion – Matunga Police Chowki on Communication Skills, Time Management & Stress Management On 14th and 15th January 2012

Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies is committed to developing a pool of high quality, professionally groomed and environmentally sensitized management graduates who would be respected for their professional knowledge and social values. GNIMS is committed to continually upgrade the curriculum to match current global needs and priorities and offer pedagogy and infrastructural facilities accordingly to its students.

Dr. Ajit Singh – Secretary Local Management Committee of SGPC in his welcome address mentioned that the role played by the police in a common man’s life cannot be taken for granted. The bond between the society and police needs to be strengthened.

We at GNIMS consider social responsibility as our primary task. We take up initiatives to bring about a positive change in social forces such as Police, Municipal Corporation, Municipal Hospitals etc; as these forces strive hard to keep our society hassle-free.

On 14th and 15th January 2012, we organized a workshop for the Sion – Matunga police force. Overall, 75 police personnel participated in the workshop. The workshop comprised stress management, the basics of communications and time management. The topics were handled skillfully by eminent speakers such as Dr. Yusuf Matcheswalla, Dr. Ali Akbar Gabrani and Prof. Lalita Paranjape.

The workshop was designed specifically for the police force to help them overcome their everyday stressful lifestyle. Dr. Matcheswalla touched upon the causes of why some of policemen get addicted to tobacco, alcohol and other vices. He emphasized upon de-addiction strategies. Dr. Gabrani discussed the Type A and Type B personalities with specific reference to police. He added upon importance of simple living. Prof. Lalita Paranjape touched upon the communication skills and time management for police. All three speakers stimulated the crowd.

This initiative taken by GNIMS is a first step towards the larger social cause.

GNIMS Participating in Cancer Awareness Rally

Objective of the event: The event allowed students to get a bird’s eye view of the practical aspects involved in establishing an enterprise. The event also gave a student an idea of how CSR can be a part of day – to day business. It was 1 day’s event. Students in groups of six had to make a maximum investment of Rs. 600/- to start a business of their choice. The product / services were bought by students anqd faculties of Guru Nanak Institute of Management Studies and Khalsa College. The funds raised from the event were donated to different NGO’s

My India My Kartavya

GNIMS students had organized this event with due to respect our National Flag. The campaign was organized on 26th January, 2010:

The students went on the field on January 26, collected the flags littering around, send them to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).The also ensured that the BMC disposed them off with due respect, as per legal provisions. The exercise taught them ground realities, which they would not learn by attending lectures.